CMH Board Agenda

Nov 25, 2015

Cogdell Memorial Hospital Board Meeting - Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 8:30am



Wednesday, December 2, 2015 8:30A.M. New Hospital Administrative
Board Room
1700 Cogdell
Snyder, Texas

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and, as necessary, act on the agenda items enumerated below.

I. Call to Order and Invocation                                                                                   Russell Riggan, Chairman

II. Public Comments                                                                                                   Russell Riggan, Chairman

III. Approve Minutes                                                                                                   Russell Riggan, Chairman

IV. Medical Staff Report                                                                                             Dr. James Burleson, Chief of Staff

       A. Approve Dr. Orson Anderson (walk-in clinic)

       B. Approve Temporary Privileges for Caleigh Sterling and Pete Hext, CRNA

V. Approve Hospital Policies and Procedure                                                              Ella Helms, CEO

        a) Active Shooter Policy and Procedure

        b) ETO/PTO Policy and Procedure

        c) Workplace Relationships Policy and Procedure

        d) Approve ED Triage Order Sets

VI. Planning Committee/Architect/Contractor Report                                                      Contractors

VII. Finance Committee                                                                                                   Russell Riggan,
                                                                                                                                         Chairman/John Everett

VIII. Nursing Report                                                                                                          Kristi Hanley, RN CNO

IX. Administrative Report                                                                                                  Ella Helms, CEO

X. Board to Convene in Executive Session Pursuant to: Section 551.074 of the             Russell Riggan, Chairman

            Texas Health and Safety Code, Re: Personnel Matters CEO Evaluation

XI. Board to Convene to Open Session take action on Personnel Matters

XII. Adjourn Russell                                                                                                          Riggan, Chairman

The New Cogdell Hospital Administrative Floor is wheelchair accessible. A barrier free entry is available at the main entrance of Hospital with specially marked parking spaces nearby. Requests for sign language interpretation or other special services must be received two (2) working days prior to the meeting. All public requests to address the Board must be registered in advance. Such requests can be made to Thelma Garza at (325) 574-7437